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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to several frequently asked questions. You can view the answer by clicking on the question.

What is included in the price?

Unless otherwise specified our prices are including:
  • Costs for the bus and the driver
  • Fuel costs
And excluding:
  • VAT
  • Parking fees (see Parking)
  • Toll costs (see Toll)
  • Driver's boarding/lodging (see this)
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Our group has suddenly gotten smaller, does this influence the price?

Usually not, as the price is determined by vehicle size and not by the number of passengers. The price might change if the vehicle size changes, but this doesn't always happen.
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Our group has suddenly gotten bigger, do we have to pay more?

Probably not, as long as the vehicle size doesn't change. The price is determined by the vehicle size, not by the number of passengers.
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Will it be cheaper if the driver doesn't stay on location?

No, probably not.
Making the driver drive back and forth will actually make the trip more expensive, as the fuel costs will greatly increase. Unless there is a long time before the return trip, it will be cheaper to let the driver stay on location. We will check which option is more beneficial for you.
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What will the parking fee be?

In most cases, there probably won't be a parking fee. A lot of places have free parking areas for coaches, taxis, or limousines. If this is not the case, there are two possibilities: either you pay the fees on the spot, or we will pay them and then include them on the final invoice.
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Will there be toll costs?

Probably not. If there will be toll costs, it can depend on vehicle type, number of passengers, and season, which is why we will not include it in the price beforehand. Therefore the money will have to be paid either on the spot or afterwards with the final invoice.
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Do we have to pay for the driver's boarding/lodging?

For most trips, there will not be boarding or lodging costs. For trips that take a large part of the day, there will be costs for meals for the driver, as determined by working regulations. For trips lasting multiple days there will also be lodging charges.
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What are the maximum driving times?

A driver can drive continuously for a maximum of 4.5 hours. After this period there must be a resting period of at least 45 minutes. After this rest the driver can drive for another 4.5 hours. After that there is a mandatory rest period of at least 9 hours. 2 days a week the driver can drive for a maximum of 10 hours a day, whilst keeping in mind the rule regarding 4.5 hour stretches. Please note that you cannot determine when these days are! Furthermore, a driver is allowed to work at most 15 hours a day. This starts when the driver leaves the garage and goes on until the driver is back at the garage.
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Can I smoke during the trip?

No. The government regularly performs inspections for this and violators will be fined. During the breaks it is allowed to smoke outside of the vehicle.
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What is the maximum number of passengers?

The maximum number of passengers depends on the vehicle type and size. More information on that can be found at our fleet.
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What about taking children?

When kids go on a trip it is highly advisable to have at least one supervisor for every 6 children. This will ensure safety and it will keep the children calm.
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Are seatbelts mandatory?

Yes. If a seat is equip